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Separate Managed Accounts

Automated Software

Private Fund Management

ICP specializes in actively-managed portfolios and trading for a broad range of exchange-traded asset classes, including domestic and international equities, fixed income, commodities and options. ICP is also committed to providing clients maximum security and transparency for their investments. To this end, ICP utilizes separate managed accounts platforms (SMA’s) providing each client full control over their investment account(s) and allowing 24/7 access to brokerage statements and visibility into account holdings at any time.

Though ICP maintains many prime brokerage relationships, it primarily holds clients accounts through Interactive Brokers and Morgan Stanley.



In connection with its Interactive Brokers SMA platform, ICP provides each client the option of employing a fully-automated, trend-following account software solution. Created by ICP, these automated account solutions utilize proprietary algorithm programs designed to reduce risks or increase returns for each client’s SMA.

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ICP also serves as General Partner for select Limited Partnership Investments, providing direct management services for such private investment fund offerings. For more information, please log in and navigate to “Private Offerings”.

High-Net-Worth Individuals

Corporate Plans

Premium Financing

ICP specializes in advanced life insurance products and structures as part of high-net-worth estate planning. ICP and its life insurance affiliates are specialists for individual cases of $5 million of death benefit or higher. Please contact ICP for more information.

ICP also specializes in advanced case design for corporate key man and buy-sell life insurance plans. These plans are often created for corporations to provide long-term financial incentives for key executives, to fund the buy-out of a partner or significant shareholder or to plan for future repayment of a large current capital expenditure (principal protection).

For select insurance clients, ICP and its life insurance affiliates provide a number of traditional and creative options for financing insurance premiums on large individual or corporate life insurance cases. Please contact ICP for more information on our Premium Financing advisement services.

Business Principals

Debt Issues

ICP provides specialized reinsurance advisory services through a network of global reinsurance agencies to assist business owners in obtaining and structuring coverage against a variety of corporate risks, such as property, casualty and third-party financial surety. Please contact ICP for more information.

ICP also provides its specialized reinsurance advisory services in connection with a variety of global public and private debt security issuers in the structuring and binding of surety coverage against a potential financial default of the issuer’s debt security obligations. Please contact ICP for more information.


Commercial Credit


ICP offers select corporate advisory services, generally within the real estate, manufacturing, financial and banking services and legal cannabis sectors.  Please contact ICP for more information.

ICP, along with its banking and specialty finance relationships, has successfully restructured the corporate credit of some of its clients, resulting in lower interest expense, higher credit limits, and more favorable credit terms and conditions.  Please contact ICP for more information.

ICP has further developed its advisory service offerings to cater to real estate investors and developers.  In this regard, ICP has advised in areas ranging from zoning, planning and permitting to construction financing and insurance bonding.  Please contact ICP for more information.